Lynn Simmons (neé Buxton)

I have learnt so much about my cousin, Derek, from this “In Memoriam” page. He was a very modest man and so, although my brother Allan and I knew he was a Casting Director, we had no idea of his influence in this field and are very proud of his achievements. Allan and I were around the same age as Derek & Juanita, so in our younger days, our two families saw quite a bit of one another. As we grew older and moved to different areas we inevitably tended to only see one other at family occasions. Derek, together with Juanita, always made an effort to attend the celebrations I organised for my parents and latterly, just my Dad, Allan Snr. They were there for Dad’s 90th birthday celebrations in 2017 and attended his funeral in 2019 and I was very grateful to them for travelling up to Hertfordshire to join us. We were so sad to hear about Derek’s illness and subsequent passing. May he rest in peace.