Ashley Campbell

Dearest Derek,
I first met you as a teenager whilst I was a cast member on an Ant and Dec (for Zenith Television) show that you were casting director. We went on to become firm friends. You gave me great support through my professional training at Arts Educational, and you introduced me to my first agent, also giving me endless advice about my career.

I honestly think that it is down to your early guidance that I am still working today. We lost touch over the last few years, purely because of life getting in the way. I’m so shocked and sad that you have left us, as I always knew that we had time where we wouldn’t see each other, and then pick up where we left off. You were an incredible casting director. I remember Giles Harvergal telling me about how he knew you as a young boy at Watford. Also our times in that restaurant you loved in Islington. Us laughing and joshing. Our love of Peter Straker. And you speaking highly of John Gorrie and your visits to your sister.
Thank you for EVERYTHING! Thank you for the mentoring. You have had an everlasting impact.
So much love to you. Thinking of your family and friends!

Love always,

Ashley Campbell (who used to panic at each birthday-which made you laugh. I love you)